Month: March 2018

Best Foods To Increase Testosterone

Man has always been fascinated with unlocking unpatrolled physical prowess. I am yet to come across a man who doesn’t want slabs of lean muscle stacked over his shoulders or sexual and physical longevity of mythical proportions. Although also known as the male hormone, testosterone is also produced in both men and women.  From adding […]

Get Your Home Ready For In-Home Senior Care

The time has come: You’ve spoken to your parent about coming to live with you, and the big move-in day is here at last. You’re ready to give caregiving at home a shot. But is your home senior-proofed and safe for your parent? Moving your parent in to live with you isn’t as simple as […]

Is Alkaline Water Better Than Plain Water

What some people do not know is that there is a vast difference between alkaline water and plain water. Others believe that the only difference between alkaline and plain water is taste. While this is true, there are many other differences between the two types of water. One thing that must be understood is that […]