Benefits of Dental Botox in Abbotsford

You have let your dentist poke, anaesthetize and even drill several places in your mouth. But the question is, would you be comfortable getting Botox treatment from your dentist?

The benefits of cosmetic Botox treatments are undeniable. Many individuals have actually undergone such treatments numerous times. But on the other hand, dental Botox is only just starting to gain some momentum. Surprisingly, dental Botox is quite effective. And dentists, being the experts that they are on bone and muscle architecture of the face, can help achieve great results. The training they undergo and their experience in the industry allows them to be more precise with the treatment resulting in a more natural look in comparison to other professionals offering
the same service.

That said, what are the benefits of dental Botox in Abbotsford?

When other Botox treatments fail, Botox prevails

Patients who are suffering from teeth clenching and grinding and experience painful headaches often find relief in Botox treatments. Cosmetic dentists are dedicated to finding effective and safe methods that will ensure your pain and dysfunction are dealt with. What else can
Botox do for you? Read on to find out more.

Delivers relief

Botox is the trade name of botulinum toxin. This compound is usually in the form of purified protein. The process that goes into getting rid of the pain is simple. Botox in Abbotsford  is simply injected into your facial muscles and it blocks nerve transmitters between the muscles and motor nerves. You do not lose your sense of feeling in these muscles.

The interruption causes the muscles not to contract and consequently, the muscles get the much-needed relief. This relaxation is coupled with a lack of pain.

Dentists trump the competition

Cosmetic dentists are able to provide Botox treatment at a level that no other professional in the industry can. As mentioned above, this is courtesy of their training and experience. They know every nook and cranny in your face and understand facial structure better than other professionals.

Puckered chins, lip lines and gummy smiles can all be customized to your expectations.

Botox for teeth grinding

If you are a chronic teeth grinder, there is hope for you yet. And just in case you think you are the only adult suffering from this condition, you should note that about 96% of adults grind their teeth, as well. In addition to this, 15% of kids grind teeth. This habit occurs 24-hours a day and causes some unpleasant health problems. If you do not get this problem sorted, you will damage your teeth and experience neck, jaw and head pain.

Botox, however, can help you stop grinding your teeth. It can help you achieve this by relaxing the active muscles. Botox can also be used to relax muscles causing TMJ symptoms and insane pain.

Most cosmetic dentists will use therapeutic grade Botox to treat your teeth grinding condition. This Botox treatment makes use of a natural toxin to cause muscle relaxation.

Though relatively new, dental Botox is gaining popularity. Ask your dentist if he/she offers this dental treatment. If they do, you can consider making an appointment. Be sure that the cosmetic dentist in Abbotsford you choose is trained, experienced and professional.