Your health should always be your priority; one should never avoid their health problems. Even a small oral issue can disturb your day to day activities. You can face problem in chewing, unnecessary irritation and uneasiness can occurs if you are dealing with any type of oral problem. Some time because of unusual eating pattern, life style and consumption of alcohol can lead your oral health to very bad conditions that sometime you can lose your teeth.

Be easy no need to worry if you have lost your teeth. With the help of dental implant treatments you can solve the issue of missing tooth. The implant can replace your teeth in such a way that it will looks and feel like almost same as the original teeth. The person with the missing tooth is ideal for dental implants, but the clinical condition of the person should be stable. If you have any type of health problem such as high diabetes and if you have recently undergone to radiation therapy for cancer or etc, or if you are a chronic smoker the physician will sit with you and suggest the respective dental treatment.

Dental implants are different way to replace the lost teeth as they are fixed in your jaw bone so they can function more like the natural teeth. Implants can be use to replace a single tooth, they can replace several teeth to hold the fixed bridge. Or they can be use to secure removable dentures they can replace teeth that lost with the disease or the teeth lost with the trauma for example losing teeth while playing sports.

It is important to know about the alternatives which may include fixed bridges, removable dentures, and root canal therapy. Missing tooth should always be replaced otherwise the remaining teeth may move causing the bite to collapse; correcting this can be costly and difficult.  As it mentioned earlier, before deciding on dental implant treatment, your dentist will take a complete medical and dental evaluation and develop a plan.

Generally there are two stages of implants under which placement of dental implants in a jaw bone occurs in 1st stage and that healing takes place at least week’s time and after 3-6 months your doctor will provide you the fix teeth. During this period of 3-6 months patients can use temporary removable Denture and with the latest technology like basal implant the patient can get the tooth within a week, within a day or in an hour.

The dental surgeon will provide you the temporary teeth, which can be removable. After the 1st stage of dental implant surgery the doctor will give the gap of 10 days to give the temporary teeth. And these removable teeth should be removed by patient during the night time. But the latest basal implant can be used in the night too.

The procedure to place the dental implants takes hardly 1-2 hours.  That is depending upon type of implant, location and number of implant, and the presence of available jaw bone. If you are looking for single simple dental implant it takes less than 1 hour and with the advance technology like key whole implant it takes just 15 minutes to place the dental implants.

Dental implants are surgical procedures so you should eat any nourishing foods that can be takes easily and try to switch your diet to soft and healthy food. Gradually increase your diet into solid after 3-4 days. Avoid taking any hot, hard and spicy food for few days.

There are various types of dental implants such as Endosteal dental implants, Sub Periosteal dental implants, and Transosseous. Root form implant and plate form is known as the sub part of Endosteal implant. Even there are various processes that classify dental implant such as Ramus –Frame implant, Blade-Form implant, two stages and single stage dental implant

One cannot define the perfect definition of implants. The type and the procedure of implant is always depending on which type of implant is suggest for your oral health. There are various type of procedures to put implants. These implants are made up of titanium , there are many companies who provides dental implants . Bio Care , Osstem and many more companies are there in India that Known to provide the quality dental implants.

You must be wondering about the cost of dental implants, let us tell you that the cost of dental implants are depending upon the type of implants and the company you select for the implants. Various countries offers various cost for the dental implants, but in India its very affordable that is approx $400-$600.

Without any dough dental implants represents the best available options for replacing the missing tooth. But like other minor oral surgeries they do have side effects like mild pain, discomfort, swelling, bleeding etc. it is important to know the difference between the side effects and complications that actually happens rarely. The expert  and experienced surgeon can eliminate such complication as well as the side effects.