How necessary your Sense of Vision is!

A human body is complete when its every sense is working perfectly in coordinate with the brain and heart. The main role senses play is to get your body in contact with the outside world. There are 5 types of senses; you can use the eye to see, ears to hear, tongue to taste, nose to smell, and skin to feel. You can observe pressure, temperature, moments or positions your body takes, any major or minor pain or torment. These all senses then send electrical signals to your brain so that the whole picture is created.

If a certain sense within a human body is missing then the other senses have to recompense. As we know that having these sense will not do everything to you unless or until you do not have the miraculous power coming from the brain! With senses but without the brain, a human being is nothing but a living dead.

What importance does eyesight have?

Now, the senses that are most common to be lost are the senses of sight and sound. To be precise, the part of the brain that controls these two senses is the visual cortex and the auditory cortex respectively. There is also a possibility to lose other senses i.e. taste, smell, and touch but the possibility is quite low.

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Even when you don’t use your every sense, your eyes allow you to recognize up to 80% of what the environment is about. When it is dark all of a sudden the only sense that will let you know is the eye. Eyes are the first thing you utilize when you are done with sleep. When your other senses such as taste or smell stop working eyes let you differentiate between the good or bad and protect you from danger.

List of common Eye diseases

Many people come across eye problems every now and then. Some might be minor and can fade away on its own or can be easily treated at home. While some major problems might also occur and in such cases you might need a specialized care.

  • Eyestrain; People who read a lot of books especially in dim light or while laying on the bed, people who do excessive computer work or drives for long distances already aware of this problem. The main cause of eyestrain is when your eyes are overused.
  • Red eyes; Have you ever noticed that sometimes your eyes look blood red. Ever wondered why? When the blood vessels expand and cover all the surface of your eyes, that is you’re your eyes seems red. It also happens due to eyestrain, lack of sleep or any allergy.
  • Night blindness; tough to drive at night? Is it hard to make your way through dark places? Well, this is what night blindness is. It not actually a disease because some are born with it. It can be because of a lack of vitamins.

These are all very common complaints that can be easily fixed by a little care and a routine checkup. It will also let you know about the disease you yourself are unaware of.

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