Dental Checkups in Guelph: Why You Need Them

How many months have passed since your last dental checkup? Let me guess. Three? Six, perhaps? Let’s be real. I’m not here to judge you. The average Canadian doesn’t see the dentist more than once in twelve months – if it makes you feel any better. Sometimes the fast city life gets the better part of us and we never realize how fast time flies. We justify missing checkups by religiously following the normal dental hygiene routine – brushing daily and flossing regularly. We unknowingly craft perfect procrastination. The guilt kicks in but it’s too late. Our goose is cooked and the discoloured tooth is a painful reminder. Where I come from, we believe that prevention is the best cure. It’s therefore in your best interests to find one dental clinic in Guelph where you’ll be going for routine checkups. Here’s why.

  1. You hate plaque and cavities are painful

Do you know that not even the most sophisticated toothbrush can clean those hard to reach small areas? Of course, your favourite toothbrush brand won’t tell you this. They pay advertisers big bucks to showcase how effective their toothbrushes are, further clouding your judgement. When layers of plaque pile up, it turns into tartar – the stubborn solid layer that won’t come off without a dentist’s help. Tartar erodes teeth. And this, my friend, is how cavities are formed. Cavities never have signs and you will only notice after the tooth has decayed. You’ll go to your family dentist in Guelph, have it filled and the cycle continues. It’s easier to visit a dental clinic in Guelph before it’s too late, don’t you agree?

  1. You don’t want gum disease

Quick question: What happens when tartar buildup erodes gum tissue? The tissue holding your teeth is eaten up, your mouth gets sore and you may bleed. If you don’t visit a dental clinic in Guelph soon, your teeth may get loose, or worse, fall out. Of course, you’ll spend a fortune at the dentist, but this is nothing compared to knowing that gum disease is preventable. Go for checkups. Save your money and avoid regrets.

  1. Taming bad habits

We have bad habits that negatively affect our oral hygiene. Think of biting nails, chewing ice, eating sticky candy, mindlessly grinding teeth, drinking coffee, having red wine, and of course, smoking. This is the biggest culprit. Consult your family dentist in Guelph and they will let you know if there is any lifestyle change you need to make. If he/she will be in a good mood, you’ll learn that there’s such a thing as brushing too hard. Perhaps you’ll get the inspiration you need to achieve this year’s resolutions.

  1. There’s more than meets the eye

Visit any dental clinic in Guelph and they’ll get your teeth X-rayed. Do you know why? X-ray images may reveal issues beneath the surface that are normally invisible. These issues may include jaw bone damage, underlying tumours and bone decay. It is worth noting that most of these destructive diseases progress quickly. Luckily, they’re easy to treat when detected early. Keep in mind that healthy teeth are beautiful and you won’t miss any dental checkups.