What Types of Food Do We Need More of in Restaurants?

Health, consumer behaviour and industry trends continue to shape what restaurants offer every year. Most restaurants have taken to preparing fast casual pizzas due to the plummeting sales across the fast casual, quick service eateries. However, the increasing need for healthy food options, e.g., those prepared using organic products has caused many hotels to turn to indigenous foods with a bit of a twist. Many restaurants have taken to creating exotic menus to cater to this market without doing away with the regular fast food options. Also, the hoteliers are taking advantage of the commercial properties for sale on offer when setting up the restaurants instead of constructing them from scratch. These can be found on www.proplist.com. The move is meant to reduce the time taken to set up the hotels. Here are foods, menus and beverages that many customers would love to see in restaurants.

Indigenous Foods

Though a Hawaiian staple, ahi Poke has become a favourite meal in restaurants serving tasty seafood dishes. Commonly referred to as Poki, the meal is made of diced raw fish seasoned in soy sauce and sesame oil then tossed in minced green onion, sea salt, diced jalapeno and seaweed. Experts cite three reasons for the increasing popularity. First, you can easily customise this dish to suit your flavour. Whether you want the traditional flavour, spicy or sweet poke, you are bound to find something to satisfy your cravings. Secondly, the Hawaiian poke provides a healthy meal. It contains omega-3 fatty acids and lean protein, which have great health benefits, including reducing the risk of cardiac diseases. Ahi Poke is also easy to prepare especially if you have a busy work schedule. Once you have identified your favourite sauce and tested several topping combinations, it becomes easy to place your order.

Another indigenous food that has gained popularity is the Shakshuka. Though a North African cuisine, Shakshuka has certainly gained popularity in the last few years. This is because it is easy to prepare as you only need to spread poached eggs over a compote of tomato and stewed bell pepper and add parsley, cumin, spices and herbs. At first, it was popular in Israel where it was prepared for breakfast and lunch. New restaurants setting base on commercial properties for sale from www.proplist.com should add Shakshuka to their exotic menus. It is flexible, and consumers can also prepare it at home.

Customised Kid’s Menus

Parents are pulling away from ordering French fries and chicken fingers in a bid to reduce the consumption of processed foods. This move is after the increasing awareness about the adverse health effects of these food types. They expect healthy options prepared using organic ingredients and flavours, which are also appealing to young palates.

Plant-based Produce

Consumers also expect enhanced menus that focus more on plant-based products that are hormone-free and allow healthy eating. The vegetable category will be the main focus instead of the regular protein options.

Craft Sodas

Hotels will also continue to introduce locally made beverages that use natural ingredients. Unique flavours will be added to help restaurants differentiate their menus from rivals.