First Time Visiting Paris? How Tourist Attractions Maps, Metro Maps, Walking Maps Helps

Paris is one of the top tourist destinations. It is undoubtedly a very beautiful city with plenty of tourist attractions to see. If you are planning your next vacation to this amazing place, we recommend you to carry a tourist map along. After all, every year around 28 million people visit this stunning city, and thus the last thing you want is getting lost.

However, if you are not comfortable operating a printing tourist map, you can always use it on mobile. There are several sources from where you can download a Paris interactive map completely for free.

Different Paris Maps:

Metro map

Metro is the most convenient way to move around in Paris. Well, yes it is a little dirty, but no other option is faster than a metro. So, a metro map which have details of all the metro lines and stops is a must have. There are numerous monuments, museums, landmarks, etc. scattered over the city, and most of the are accessible via metro.

Bus map

Many tourists will not like the idea of travelling by a bus while on a vacation. However, keep in mind that it is the most competitive way of travelling in Paris. If you are on a budget too, make sure you have a bus map with you. Also, if you are planning to see the city by taking a hop on hop off (HOHO) bus, there are HOHO bus maps too.

Walking maps

Many tourists like to explore the city all by their own by walking. Well, if this is your plan, don’t worry, there are maps which can help you take the simplest and easy walking routes to reach your desired destination. With the right map, you can enjoy the restaurants and cafes along your walk and complete the Paris city sightseeing successfully.

Train and RER map

Train and RER are both good options to travel outside Paris. However, you will find it extremely slow compared to metros if you are just travelling within the city. Nevertheless, if you still plan on talking a train or RER, have a map along to make your trip easier.

So, as you can see there are many different types of maps available and so it is possible to see the entire city without a tourist guide tagging along all the time. Now, let’s see what all places you can visit with the help of maps…

Places you can visit with the help of maps and guidebooks

Parks: All of us have heard about different tourist attractions of Paris, but do you know there are many worth visiting parks in the city too? With the help of a map and a proper guidebook, you will be able to find a perfect park to spend some peaceful time. For instance, Jardin de la Vallée Suise, is one of the parks which is open for 24 hours. Also, there are many parks where you can enjoy entertainments during Summers. For instance, at Jardin Tino Rossi, a group plays instruments like violin and saxophone and sing for every visitor.

Church: Paris definitely has many beautiful churches, but all any tourist will concentrate on are the ones covered in the tour. Well, with the help of a map, you can explore others too, and see how beautifully each one is constructed.

Flea Market: It is an exciting place to shop. You can easily grab some vintage dresses and cheap antiques at an extremely affordable price. However, make sure you at least have half a day to visit the Flea market as there are over 2000 stalls, and you will certainly need time for bargaining.

So, that is it. With the help of a right map, you can have a completely new and exciting experience, and of course, no pre-book tour will be able to beat that. Visit for different tourist maps of Paris.