Must-Knows Before Getting Hair Transplants

Stress, wrong eating habits, and sedentary lifestyle can take a toll on hair growth. However, you can opt for hair transplants to feel less self-conscious, create a happy disposition, and boost confidence. Not only this, you can go back to looking just the way as you did when you had a full head of hair.

Here are some interesting facts that you must know before you get the procedure done:

FUE versus FUT: Hair transplant clinics offer two main types of hair transplant procedures, namely, Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) and Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT). The FUE hair transplant method is all about making small incisions around each unit of the hair follicle that is then prepared and transplanted to the balding area. On the other hand, the FUT method involves cutting and removal of a strip of skin and hair from the scalp. Thereafter, it is divided up and transplanted into the balding areas.

Hair and skin type: It is important for you to have a word with a hair transplant surgeon before and after the procedure to achieve the best results possible. The surgeon will guide you on how to care for your hair and skin type.

Cost of the procedure: The cost of the FUE hair transplant method and the FUE hair transplant procedure differ from one clinic to another. It may also be different depending upon the extent of baldness and hair lost, the count of hair to be transplanted, etc. The best thing however is that the hair transplantation procedure is more of an investment than a recurring cost.

Healing Time: It generally takes approximately 3 days or lesser inclusive of area cleansing, hair wash, and bandage removal. However, this may differ depending upon the kind of hair transplant procedure opted by you.

Pain Factor: Usually, hair transplantation is not a painful procedure as local anesthesia is administered during the surgical stage on the treatment area.

Length of Procedure: Usually, a session of between 1,500 to 3,000 grafts on an out-patient basis involves a full day of surgery. Most patients arrive in the morning and get their procedure completed by late afternoon.

It is always suggested that you must access and compare websites of at least 5-7 hair transplantation experts before you reach the final decision. Moreover, you should clearly read and understand all the important terms and conditions associated with the procedure and follow any tips suggested before the hair transplantation procedure.