All About Affordable Health Insurance Plans

The change in lifestyles and increase in the number of pollutants in the environment around us throws light on the importance of getting health insurance. Nowadays, we only get contaminated vegetables, fruits and meat from the markets. The increased usage of junk foods and canned foods only adds to the woes. Although we can try to limit the intake of food and try to eat healthily, it is not always practically possible in the hustle and bustle of life to always stick to a healthy diet. Also, the growing levels of environmental contamination with the rise in industries and cutting down of forests also make the world a less healthy place to live.

Life is always unpredictable; we can never predict when we might fall sick. There can be grave medical conditions where you might need a large sum of money to treat your health issues. It can come as a blow to an average family living on monthly wages. In such a scenario, it is always better to be prepared to face the wind with a health insurance plan. When you think about health insurance plans, you might think that it might be too expensive for you. But, the truth is that not all health insurances are expensive! There are many affordable health insurance plans available for you. Here is how you can ensure that you get affordable health insurance:

Know The Available Options

Sometimes, we fail to understand the options available in front of us. In case you are married, then first check whether they have health insurance. Some insurance companies provide domestic partnership health insurance. You and your spouse or partner can share joint health insurance of getting two separate health insurances which can be an unnecessary expense.

If your spouse already has health insurance, then check whether you also can be added to it. Also, in some cases, you might qualify to be added to your parent’s health insurance. There are also student’s insurance plans that offer health insurance at affordable rates. Also, if you have kids, there are options to involve your children in your health insurance. Hence, before you plunge to get expensive insurance, look around first and check for all the options. You might find an easier and cheaper way out!

Understand The Policies

Nowadays, more and more insurance companies are providing various types of health insurances. So, after you decide on an insurance company, converse with their representative and take a look at all the policies they offer. Do not simply make a decision just because your friend or relative said that they took insurance and it worked wonders for them! Insurance always changes from person to person. Your conditions and specifications might be different from theirs. Hence, just because insurance came out to be cheap for them doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be cheap for you.

Hence, always take your time and understand the different types of policies available. Then choose a health insurance plan that works well for you.

Understand Your Needs And Your Budget

Yes! This is basics you need to consider. Still, most of us tend to forget the basics! Take a moment and carefully analyze your needs. Think what all points need to be covered by your health insurance. Different people have different needs. Hence, prioritize your needs and maybe take out a notepad and write down the needs in order of their priority. This will help you in choosing cheaper health insurance. Because often we tend to choose a health insurance plan that covers more than what we need. This only helps in increasing the cost of insurance. Also, always consider your budget. Decide how much money you will be able to spend on it.

Usually, all the health insurance plans will cover the following ten benefits:

  • OP(Outpatient) care charges- It is available even if you do not get admitted to a hospital
  • IP(Inpatient) care charges- When you get admitted to hospital
  • Emergency room charges
  • Pre-term and post-term delivery- Covers the expenditure before and after delivery of a baby.
  • Cost of medicines prescribed by the doctor
  • Mental health care charges
  • Cost of devices or services that becomes necessary for you for recovering from a serious injury or ailment. It can include occupational and physical therapies
  • Preventive medicines like vaccinations.
  • Charges of conducting lab tests
  • Eye care and dental care

This is just a comprehensive list. Different health insurance providers offer coverages in various ways for the above ten points. Now, think whether you will need any other extra benefit that is not included in the above. If yes, then you have to check for insurance that covers this extra aspect too.


This goes without saying! Never rush into a decision. Always compare the various health insurance plans provided by various insurance companies. Then, choose one that is affordable as well as meets all your needs. Don’t choose the cheapest of them all. It might not cover all your health insurance needs. Always check the benefits covered in those health insurance plans and then make a decision.

You can also make a study by checking out all your health-related bills in the previous years. Check out what were your main concerns in the previous year. This will help you get a clear idea and choose the health insurance plan that works well for you.