How often you can smoke cannabis?

Undoubtedly, cannabis is one of the harmless drugs in comparison to legal and addictive products like alcohol, tobacco, heroin and more. Even when the cannabis was an illicit drug in Canada, it was easily available and accessible. According to reports maximum of local youth has already tried cannabis even before it was made legal. Moreover, according to the research reports, there are number of health benefits associated with the consumption of cannabis and therefore it is legalized in most part of the countries.

There are numerous methods of consuming cannabis and the most popular one are smoking it by folding in a roll, with a vaporizer or infused with edibles like candy, brownie, and cakes. These methods of intake have different aftereffects, smoking is said to be most harmful as while smoking it a number of other toxins also comes out and they are termed as dangerous for human organs.

Cannabis edibles are said to have a long-term effect and are the safest form of consumption. Since the majority of people prefer smoking recreational cannabis they must be well aware of the associated effect. Exploitation of anything can be dangerous and therefore one must overlook the possible medical consequences.

  • Short-Term Hazards of smoking cannabis

As with any drug continuous and heavy usage can alter perception, logic and usual behavior. The short-term hazards of smoking cannabis include impairing driving abilities, memory loss, impaired memory, difficulty in thinking, learning difficulties, lack of focus.  The cannabis might not be that harmful but the other toxins which are associated with smoking can easily destroy the lungs.

  • Long-Term Hazards for regular weed smokers

Prolonged consumption of any drug can have some adverse impact on the health condition of the user. Several of the physical barriers include infertility problem, lack of motivation, respiratory problem, decreased sperm count in men, irregular menstruation in women, heightened risk of lung infection, short-term memory recall and more.

It has been noted that females have higher chances of getting affected with continuous and long term consumption of cannabis.

  • Unpredictable Reactions

The medical report states that marijuana can affect each person differently and according to their own body chemistry and the type of pot used. Some people can use weed and never have a negative reaction while others can freak out with the first experience.

The potency, method of consumption, quantity, and quality of recreational cannabis are some of the factors which determine the aftereffects. Rather than smoking, one can consider infusing cannabis with the edible product as it is safer than smoking and has a longer effect as well. It is impossible to get addicted to cannabis consumption and even the death risk is zero. However, people should concentrate on controlled usage of recreational drug and should avoid consuming on daily basis. Rather than smoking, edible and vaporizer is a better substitute for cannabis intake.

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