Is Synthetic urine a solution to drug testing?

Do you know someone, who smokes weed or marijuana? If you do, then how often do you think do they smoke in a day? Are they employed or looking for employment? Do you know that most companies today are already requiring their applicants to show a negative result of a drug test? So, if you are a regular weed smoker, then this will surely be your problem. Quitting this daily routine is not easy because it is just like smoking regular tobacco cigarette and drinking alcohol, where you cannot stop at once you have decided to quit.

If you are applying for a job and needs a drug test, then would you really stop to pass and get employed? It could have been better, if the laboratory equipment cannot detect that you had been smoking weed a day or two days ago. But, the case is not like that because metabolites and residues are still in your body and will stay there for 6 to 8 days or more, depending on your usage. And then, you cannot tell your prospect employer that you will do the drug test after a week or two. Of course, they would require you to do it as soon as possible.

The only thing that can save you now from this misery is the synthetic urine. Now, you better check this link at and consider it as a solution. If you would really love to get that job, then you might really want to use synthetic urine because your own pee would turn out to be positive for drugs and you would not like that result, right?

Understanding Synthetic Urine

You might be confused about what this synthetic urine is. Well, this is not a real urine. This laboratory urine is just a substance that is created to imitate the appearance of your urine and it has chemicals as well as a human urine’s composition. So, if you would use it for your drug test, then nobody will figure out that it is not really coming from you.

But, if this drug testing laboratory has been using an advanced technology that detects synthetic urine, then the problem starts from there. It could have been better, if the laboratory assistant will just let you go inside the lavatory to take your pee. That will surely won’t worry you at all.

Components of synthetic Urine

When it comes to the color of synthetic urine, you will actually think that it is real when you see it. That is a good point to use, right? You may go here to check the color for you to believe.

Do you know that a certain solution is added to the synthetic urine, and that is minimal creatinine level? In such a way, it will not be detected as positive for drugs or weeds. It also has a certain level of pH just like how a human urine has it.

And then, when it comes to the temperature of the synthetic one. Of course, it must have almost the same temperature with the real one. You can’t be using a cold or too hot urine for your drug test.

Drug testing problem

Now, your biggest problem is how to get that synthetic urine with the highest quality. What about going to the nearest drug testing laboratory? Anyway, you can always browse and check the map.

You do not need to take the test right away. You may just come and sneak in. Try to get information from other people, who will do the drug test about how the process is done. Maybe you may also try to ask some people there, if they have heard about synthetic urine and if it works in that laboratory.