Mr. Nice Seeds, a renowned Cannabis breeder, is the creator of Critical Haze, the citrusy strand of cannabis which is widely known for its effective high feeling that helps people with depression.

This Indica-dominant cross breed between the Critical Mass and the Afghan Haze is known for its citrus smell that is likened to its Haze traces, and an ultra-Sativa strain that is very effective in promoting psycho-activity in the cerebral part of the brain.

Critical Haze is popularly known for its effects which creates a very relaxing mood and a heavy full-body calmness which became a very great choice for a person who wants to battle their anxiety and paranoia. In alternative medicine, this strand of cannabis is used for people who are suffering from muscle tension, appetite loss, multiple sclerosis, and other health benefits because of its potent effects both for recreational user and medical cannabis user.

It’s also easily grown because most of its phenotype flowers can be grown from eight weeks to 10 weeks maximum, but when you’re targeting to harvest its flowers as well, then you might want to wait for two more weeks because it can fully express its Sativa-like genetics that can be found physically and internally through its flowers.

This type of marijuana strain can also be planted through its seeds. The Critical Haze Regular Seeds which is very good in reproducing it because of its high-yield. This is also popular not just for alternative medicine and medical marijuana users but also for people who want to hit it for recreation and fun because of its high THC levels. This type of marijuana has a THC level of 22%which is not suitable for newbies in smoking marijuana blunts. This is for the experienced marijuana users who are used and immune to the side effects and the different potency of marijuana strains. It’s also advisable to use it during night time because of its drowsiness effects that make a person instantly sleepy and hungry, not to mention the very relaxing and laid-back feeling the user will have whenever he/she hits a blunt.

The Critical Haze Regular seeds can be bought anywhere in countries that legalize cannabis and marijuana and should be planted indoors just like most marijuana strains that are available on the market to make sure that it has high-yield.

When it comes to its type of high, Critical Haze Marijuana induces the person who uses it with a well-balanced mind-body high that hasa hint or characteristic of a very positive and happy mood, a euphoric feeling in your cerebral system that overcomes any anxiety and paranoia the person feels before hitting the blunt. After its initial high, it’s followed with a full body relaxation, stress relieving feelings, hungry or appetite improvement, and also manages to control pain effectively.

This type of marijuana strand is known to make people very relaxed, happy, euphoric, and uplifted but it’s not known or popular to make a person energetic but instead, keeps someone stuck on their couch or bed after hitting it. Critical Haze Marijuana can be identified because of its distinct lime, lemony, and citrusy smell.